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HANSATON technology in SHD

Exploring HANSATON’s new Sphere HD platform.

Hansaton’s HearIntelligence™ hearing systems have taken the complexity of natural hearing, applied a portfolio of innovative features and are now able to give people with hearing loss a more personal, more natural hearing experience.

AutoSurround SHD programs for an all-around natural hearing experience.  This feature makes it possible for the hearing aid to adjust itself automatically based on the acoustic situation. Depending on whether the wearer is in a restaurant with a lot of loud background noise, or out in nature, the hearing aid will switch to the corresponding mode to ensure optimum hearing results at all times. Hansaton’s high-speed detection, optimal signal processing and the innovative SphereSound SHD feature, creates a new dimension of spatial and natural hearing.

SurroundOptimizer SHD combines speech amplification, background noise suppression, and intelligent directional microphone characteristics in various acoustic environments to ensure that ideal, natural hearing is always the end result.

The powerful, highly sensitive SurroundSupervisor SHD is able to analyze the acoustic environment precisely and map it quickly. In fact, it does this about 700 times per second, with the help of more than 30 high-resolution sensors. Intelligent signal processing ensures natural hearing practically in real time.