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A traditional Hanseatic company.

High-tech with personality.

Hearing systems are little miracles. They pack a wealth of technology into a tiny space – complex, state-of-the-art software innovations that are now able to address almost any form of hearing loss.

When Uwe Fischer joined his father‘s acoustics company (which at that point sold hearing systems manufactured in the USA) in 1967, he had one primary vision: giving those affected by hearing loss a better sense of hearing – and thereby improving their quality of life. He established the company‘s in-house Research and Development department, thus laying the groundwork for high-quality hearing systems »made by HANSATON«

As simple and inconspicuous as they seem on the outside, they are the product of impressive engineering knowledge, intuition and an exceptional understanding of design. Creating change and progress is a challenge that the Hanseatic hearing system manufacturers have set as their number-one priority with every one of their developments – for audiologists and their customers.

»Understanding people, succeeding together: this is the mission that drives us, and it is what distinguishes our products and services from other companies – so that we can maintain a partner relationship to our customers.« Sincerely, the Fischer Family.

Our number-one goal is to support you as our partners and provide you with the very best quality hardware, software, and services. So that you can help hearing-impaired people enjoy new and improved quality of life.

HANSATON is sold in South-Africa through an exclusive network of Professionals – click here to find a HANSATON Professional near you.

HANSATON Professionals South Africa