• Why Use Hearing Systems

    Why use hearing systems?

    Go about your day without worrying.

  • Jam SHD

    jam SHD by HANSATON.

    In-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing systems.

  • 60 Years Of Hanseatic Tradition

    60 years of Hanseatic tradition .

    We combine high-tech with personality.

  • Awaken Your Natural Hearing Intelligence

    Awaken your natural hearing intelligence .

    With HearIntelligence hearing systems.

  • Why Do We Hear Anyway

    How do we hear, anyway? .

    The journey through the ear.

  • Award Winning Design And Optimal Speech Clarity

    Award-winning design and optimal speech clarity.

    The sound S312 delights design lovers and international expert juries alike.

soundHD S312e, the award winning RIC, is aesthetically appealing and acoustically impressive. The soundHD S312e ensures an easy operation and pleases design lovers both with its spirited design elements and the harmonious interplay of colors.

Choosing a jamHD hearing system means choosing cutting-edge technology and maximum wearing comfort. The modern design and the haptically optimized control elements make jamHD attractive and comfortable behind-the-ear helpers.

HANSATON offers the perfect multimedia solution. Comfortable, reliable, and high-tech. Telephone conversations, conference calls, and evenings in front of the television can become enjoyable again. Discreet hearing system adjustment has become a reality.

High-resolution sensors and top-class signal processing: at last, High Definition technology for the ears with HANSATON.